School Approacheth

I’m nervous and impatient about this school thing. Tomorrow will help a lot, when I finally have my advisement and registration meeting and get my schedule sorted and talk to someone about financial aid and all. That will be a relief.

I’m getting prepared in other ways, though! Going back to school means buying stuff! Nothing overboard at all. I just ordered a back pack, because as much as I love all my messenger bags, they already screw up my back, and I figure I’ll be carrying more weight with books and all. I think I picked a good one, especially for the price. And then I got a couple of lunch containers. We have a lot of tupperware type things, but they’re not great for carrying, and I don’t have a dedicated bag. Or I didn’t. Huzzah. Once the strict eating thing is over, I’m going to keep a lot of the ideas (but bring back dairy. Oh cheese, I miss you.) which means continuing to make my own food most of the time.

Speaking of the food thing, it’s going well. I’ve only had a couple moments of trial, and the main one was because I was hungry. After work the other day, it was the last day for the people who had been there through the whole summer, so they brought out beer and ordered pizzas (really good pizzas, by the looks) and I hadn’t anticipated that and only brought food for snacks and lunch. And I was having a good time hanging out with all of them, so I didn’t want to leave and just suffered.

As for all the benefits they proclaim- meh? Sort of? I mean, I’ve lost some weight. John’s scale is all fancy and does body fat percentage too, so I think I’ve lost a little of that as well, though it’s sometimes wacky and tells me I’ve gained or lost 3% in a day. But usually it seems fairly accurate. I don’t think I’m sleeping any better, but I never slept that badly to begin with. It’s really hard to tell about allergies. Maybe I have more energy? But I don’t do that much aside from work, and once in a while rope class, so that’s hard to gauge. But maybe. The one big thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve been having really vivid dreams. Not sure what that’s about, though a few other people I know mentioned that as well, so maybe it’s also the season? I don’t know.

Anyway. At 2/3rds through, it’s been an interesting experiment, and it seems worthwhile to keep it up, mostly. Though I’ll bring back the dairy, and say screw it about soybean oil, and the negligible amount of sugar in some sauces. John’s having some trouble right now figuring out how to make pork in a slow cooker without sugar. We’re thinking sauerkraut and orange juice. Or something.

To bring this full circle, it’s looking like a busy fall, and I think continuing to make this much of my own food will be challenging. It takes a lot of time and energy, so we’ll see how I do. But I figure it’s worth a concerted effort. And I’ve figured out some good, fairly quick things (fennel sausage and mashed sweet potatoes! Win.)


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