Rain, rope, and neurosis.

So, I did have all kinds of plans for today. Like picking up my laundry and buying shoes for the wedding (though I could just order them. Hooray payless and $20 shoes online) and depositing checks and all of that. But. It is Raining. Not raining. RAINING.

I was wiped out yesterday from rope class so I took a nap and ended up being up till around 1, when the lightning and rain started. They are still going. And it’s not oh, look, it’s wet out. It’s Oh, this must be the beginning of the 40 days because it’s already flooding and shows no sign of letting up. Oog.

But rope class was awesome! I took Miranda, a friend from work who I thought would like it, and she loved it. And because she’s a dancer too was pretty good, caught on to things quickly, understood how and when she wasn’t getting things right, had the strength to do a lot. And she had a blast. I was so happy. And I had a really good class, actually learning something within the course of it. Not that I don’t usually, just that I’m not strong enough for some things, and so I get the idea, and can do part of it, but part might be an epic fail (hip-key, I’m looking at you). But this thing, I did it, and I did it wrong a couple times and I learned how to correct, and by the end of class, I did it complete and right. Huzzah.

About bringing a work friend- if I had a therapist, they would be very proud. For YEARS, I have had this thing about mixing people from different areas of life. My school friends, and my other school friends and my circus friends, were never to meet. Good thing I was lowkey about birthdays, because that would have been tough otherwise. I’m pretty sure I was generally terrified that they would end up liking each other more than me and run off happily into the sunset without me. I have no idea where this comes from.

But anyway. Progress in recent years! Willingness to mingle groups! Actively doing so! Go me.


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