Late-summer cleaning

When we first moved in and bought furniture and all, John bought three main pieces. The couch, which is awesome. A coffee table, to which my first reaction was along the lines of ‘holy hell, I didn’t know they made coffee tables that big’ but I’ve come around to it. We can fit a lot on it, and it doesn’t look crowded. And then a folding table. That has been sitting in the closet, until yesterday. And clearly, when you put together a table, you must clean the living room. And the bathroom. And the kitchen. And my room.

About the table, though. It’s huge. There’s a center section with drawers on both sides, and then a wing on each side. For us, we can just use one wing. But when you open both, you can fit 6 people. Six! It’s huge. I don’t believe there’s room for the real table and the coffee table at the same time. Also, the pressure. Now we have to have people over, or something.

At least my room is clean. It was getting pretty bad, and I was spiraling into the ennui of hating it, and being too depressed to do anything about it because there was just so much. And it really wasn’t that much. A lot of clothes to put away or in laundry, and a lot of random paper, mostly receipts and paycheck envelopes. And now it is sparkling clean! Except for my pile of tools in the corner, and bin of things I’m not sure what to do with. But they’re mostly contained, so.

Also, biosphere keeps posting updates and such, and they finally caught a leopard! Exciting, and so so jealous. I wonder if they caught any in the downtime, when the scientists were still there, but no volunteers.


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