Dividing line

So, I live in a fancy neighborhood. I have about a mile long walk to the train, but (so far, we’ll see when the snow starts) it’s a really nice walk. There are trees everywhere, people’s lawns are pretty well kept (the week of the tulips blooming was amazing) there are lots of birds and squirrels. I’m right by this big forested park, where I go running, so there are more things bounding around there, and I’ve seen fireflies(!!) at night.

I live in the fairly rich neighborhood (though I am nowhere near. Hooray reading craigslist at the right time) and my walk to the train is through the super rich neighborhood, where you need a resident parking pass to park there, and they maintain all their streets and everything. The houses and lawns are bigger, the cars are shinier.

Walking home last night, I was listening to the crickets, and something else. I think maybe cicadas? But in everything I’ve read, it’s described as “high high pitched cries of the cicadas” and I wouldn’t call this high pitched. Maybe katydids? But I thought those were a daytime thing. Possibly a strange voiced bird? It was coming from the trees. Who knows. In any case, a few blocks past the end of the Rich Land, the noise stops. I had been surrounded by it, but as I was crossing the street, I heard it switch from being all around to just behind me and fading. Only the crickets up ahead.

Weird! The trees were still the same varieties, same number and all. But there was a really clear end to whatever-it-was’s territory.

I also walked through a lot of spiderwebs and had Nam’ flashbacks. Namibia, that is. Those webs were so much worse, though.

Also, the website that I found the food thing on said not to weigh yourself for the 30 days that you do it, but I don’t listen to these things. I’m down 7 lbs in 5 days. I know up to 4 of that is totally water weight fluctuation, but still. I haven’t even been working out or anything. That’s just 5 days of food shift, and not even portion control shift. Though when you’re having to make your own food, the portion control is slightly built in.

Tonight (or thursday, I want John to be awake to eat this with me) homemade mayonnaise with basil and roasted red pepper, and crab cakes. Wheee!


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