All I write about is food.

But it’s the majority of what I’ve been doing lately. Looking up recipes, buying food, making food, cleaning up after food. Sheesh.

Yesterday I made an egg kale quiche thing. I got the recipe here and clearly he and I were using different sized bunches of kale. It does shrink down in the pan, but I heaped it overflowing and still had some left over. To be made into kale chips. Because there was so damn much of it, I had to add three more eggs. But it came out well, and was enough for 4 meals, so that’s a good one to remember. And really, it could be any green leafy vegetable in there.

Tonight was an adventure. I made mayonnaise. It came out okay. Next time, light olive oil. And pour faster. I was so afraid of the emulsion breaking, and people had stories of pouring in super slow, drop by drop, that it took me OVER 20 MINUTES to pour in two cups of oil. Ridiculous. I’m surprised I didn’t cook any of the egg, the poor blender was so hot by the end. I think also less oil next time. It’s a little watery, more for a sauce than a spread. Which was fine, because half of it I added roasted red pepper, basil, and garlic too to top the crab cakes with. Because I also made crab cakes!

It was a learning experience. Lesson one- thoroughly drain the canned crab meat. Lesson two- maybe don’t use your just-made runny mayonnaise. Lesson three- I don’t care how much they recommend coconut oil, if you’re over medium heat, you have to use something heftier. This one I should have known. Several people said coconut oil is great for lower to sort of medium cooking, but burns off really fast after that. The recipe I used (  called for medium to high heat, and I should have skipped to coconut oil.

But, all in all, came out well. Two of them fell apart in the pan, but the rest survived more or less intact. Served them on a barrel of spinach* with avocado bits, lemon juice, and the basil/pepper mayo.

And now, though I’ve only been up just over 12 hours, I’m exhausted. Time to shower and bed.

* We have so much spinach right now. Which is a good thing! But ridiculous. Before we ate it tonight, I had a large container of it, and two bags that I bought the other day, plus another bag that John got when he picked up other stuff I needed for tonight. We’ll have to put in some effort to finish it before it dies.


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