I’ve discovered the biggest problem with this diet. Breakfast. I’m terrible at eating breakfast in the first place, and on days when I go to the office, I just skip it. But if I have actual work (case in point, today) I need to eat something. I went for eggs scrambled with a little bit of last nights leftovers, which was good. But I really only lasted me 3 hours. I should have brought a snack of some kind. Also, we only have one egg left now. Also, I like eggs a lot, but I imagine every morning will get a little boring. Also, I won’t always have leftovers to put in them, and eggs on their own are not enough.

One of the bigger problems is that eating breakfast means getting up earlier, and I am very much of the ‘roll out of bed into clothes and out the door’ school. If I’m not dragging, I can, including feeding the cats, be walking out the door in under 10 minutes. But cooking and waiting for it to cool enough to eat, and eating takes time. I need alternatives.



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