The Conversation

John- So, we really need to get you on my medical insurance

Me- Yeah, but not till January (aside- he can’t make changes until then, and also most employers require, for adding a domestic partner, that you live together at least 6 months first)

John- Yeah, I have to figure that out

Me- Send HR an email tomorrow

John- But in case that doesn’t work or something,  what are those things people sign?

Me- DNR’s?

John- No, where you say that you only get your stuff, what you came in with..

Me- Prenup?

John- Yeah, if you’re willing to sign one of those, we should just get married

Me- Yeah, of course

John- Just go down to the courthouse and all

Me- I want a ring, though.

John- Well. A cheap ring.

Me- Yeah, like the one I had before. It’s 37 bucks. I really liked it.

John- And I’m not wearing one.

Me- sure.

John- Don’t go all girly excited on me now

And that is the story of the most underwhelming, yet exciting and unexpected proposal ever.


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