I got cauterized!

SO, John has been bugging me for a while to go to a dermatologist. I burn really easily, have freckles, and get that awesome heat rash thing. So since he’s been going for his face redness (not rosacea, as proven by the chemical burnt hat the first medication attempt gave him, that was fun), he made an appointment for me to go with him yesterday.

It was fine. a very short visit, actually. I put on the paper gown, and the doctor looked me over, and bonus! Found something to biopsy! Hurray! It’s on the back of my neck and showed up a couple years ago. When I noticed it, I told John that half of the point of dating him was so that he would notice these things. He shrugged.

Anyway, they gave me a shot of novocaine and immediately started cutitng a chunk out of it, which I could totally feel because novocaine takes more than 30 seconds to kick in. And then his nurse assistant handed him this thing with a cord and he did something else, but I couldn’t tell what until I sat up and smelled burning. Cauterization!

At some point we’ll get the results of that. Or maybe just the bill. Either way. John is paying for it, so while I feel slightly indebted, I’m not too worried about that showing up.

Speaking of, in January, when he can make a change to his health insurance, he’ll add me as a domestic partner. Huzzah! a) yay insurance! b) that’s as close to married as we’ll get, so yay! c) yay dental insurance! maybe I’ll finally get my wisdom teeth pulled. Good thing I have another 5 months to be wise then. I’ll need it for the first semester.



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