Scissors and needles!

Ahem. So, haircut success. The place I thought might be good and read reviews for was closed, but then I passed a supercuts and thought well, why not. And it worked out! Minor miracle. At first I didn’t think so, she didn’t blow dry it and it dried in somewhat Farrah Fawcett wings, but after I washed it that all calmed down and it’s looking really good.

Yesterday I had my assessment test for school. I got there early and dropped off my immunization forms, and found out that I only had one measles/mumps/rubela shot and I needed a second one. So today I hied off to a free clinic, which was the best and quickest medical experience ever. I took advantage of being there to get a tenanus shot (3 years out of date) and my second Hep A shot, apparently I never got that. It was such a breeze though. Walked in, went to the wrong floor, was redirected, took 4 seconds to get a number, took two minutes to wait to talk to someone about what I needed, waited one minute for a nurse, and then got stabbed. Under 15 minutes, including getting lost.

The test was fine. It was easyish, and when I realized last week that it was a placement test and not an entrance exam I stopped worrying about it. I studied a little (which came in handy) but it was more reminding myself of things I already knew. I didn’t want to end up in a class way harder than I can handle because I crammed and just learned rote things for the test. So I did fine. There was a bunch that I totally knew, some that I was able to figure out, and some that I had absolutely no idea. Should land me in the right level class.

John is hideously sick with some terrible sinus infection/bronchitis/fever thing, so I’ve been running some errands for him and trying to make him take care of himself. Neither of us are very good about drinking enough water when we’re sick. I was going to fill a 2 liter bottle with water to leave by his bed, but he wouldn’t let me, saying that with everything he was drinking already he would have to come downstairs to pee every half hour anyway so he could just refill his glass then. I’m not sure that was a good argument.

Tomorrow is 6 Flags! Jill is in CT, so I’m going up there and we’ll drive up to the park and ride roller coasters all day. In all honesty, I just want to go on the spinny swinging ride all day. But everything will be fun. I hope it doesn’t rain. The weather here has been lousy. By lousy I mean it’s been hot, but fever hot where there’s a cold breeze and you’re dripping with sweat and it’s overcast all the time. To me, summer does not mean overcast. I have a hard time wearing dresses when it’s not sunny. And it fools me into thinking it’s colder than it is.

I start new work on monday. Andrew texted me asking if anyone I knew might be interested in reception work in the office of my main company, and I said, possibly me. It’s great because it’s fairly steady for 2 months, and even though it pays a lot less, it’s totally flexible. So there’s that to look forward to. And school. Looming. Eesh.


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