Day of Accomplishment. So far.

Day of doing things! Yesterday was the day of not doing anythings. Today I got up and tried to run, decided my knees wanted none of it, went to the gym and played with the elliptical instead, and then played with the weight machines, came home, made more banana bread. Oh, wait. So, Through various happenings (mostly my neighbor/landlady giving me several bunches of old bananas) I ended up with about 14 bananas in my freezer. So a couple days ago I finally made two loaves. It came out really well. But I still had more bananas. So today I made another couple loaves. The funny thing was that I gave one of the loaves to the neighbor/landlady and family, and in return she gave me more bananas. It will never end. She also gave me a box of strawberries, so today after making bread and not really feeling like eating but figuring I should, I made a Strawberry Drink. Instructions as follow.

Step 1- Behead strawberries. This is the point where I should have also cut them into smaller pieces, but hey! They were going straight into the blender! Blenders can cut things up!

Step two- Turn blender on. Realize very quickly that this has done nothing for anything past the bottom two strawberries.

Step 3- Find chobani peach yogurt in fridge. Peaches and strawberries like each other, yes? Throw in, and find wooden spoon to push yogurt to the bottom.

Step 4- Hmm. Yogurt helps a little. Not quite doing it. Find milk in fridge. Still seems okay. Pour in until bored of pouring (works best with a really short attention span)

Step 5- Success! Look at it go! Strawberries in a whirlpool! Decide to throw in ice, because that’s what people do, or something.

Step 6- Think for the 80th time that they really should make quieter blenders. It’s really loud and John is sleeping upstairs and the window is open and it sounds like I’m using a chainsaw. Decide no one is actually listening and judging, pour creation into glass.

Step 7- Fend off cats who can smell the dairy and have decided they are okay with the fruit that goes with it.

Hurray! Anyway. While the bread was baking I dropped off laundry (oh the luxury!) and tried to deposit a check but was thwarted by the atm being out of service. In a little bit I’ll walk up to the other main road and deposit it and then go try to get a haircut, if I can do a walkin. And then what? This is the problem with getting up and being productive. I’ve already done most of what I wanted to, and the day isn’t even half over. There are probably other things to take care of and all, but dang.

I finally bought a new computer last night. Mine has been having overheating issues almost as long as I’ve had it, even after John opened it up and repaired the heat sink, and then last night I was doing stuff and then looked away for a few minutes and when I looked back the screen had gone black. The glowy black where you know it’s still on, but it wouldn’t respond and I had to force restart it. I found a seemingly good laptop for $350 and decided to buy it before this one dies on me and chews up the hard drive as it goes, like my last one did. That was fun.

Haircut time.


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