All I ever talk about is work.

It has been all work or working out lately. Except yesterday. Yesterday was sleeping in and lying around and not doing much of anything. There was a ridiculous heat wave last week that wiped me out. The first day of it I was working at Lincoln Center running feeder, which is all sorts of heavy and the path it was taking was complicated and slow. Normally it’s like 70 or 80 degrees when we do this part of the set up. It takes a day to do the whole thing. This time with it being in the upper 90’s it took 3 days. I’m glad I was only there for part of it.

But then since then it’s been about 60 and cold and rainish. I went running twice during that, saturday and today. I’m sort of starting to like running, but I don’t like admitting that. But also I’ve been borrowing John’s heart rate monitor/pace tracker thing, which makes it more fun because I like data. I haven’t gotten to look at it yet so much because it’s on his computer and these are his work nights, but I’ll look at it this week and see how I’m doing and all. Pretty decent, it seems, though I walk a lot. The last couple times my knees started bothering me some, and John keeps telling me that I need to land on the front of my foot and not my heels and all that, but that’s awfully weird (unless you’re full out sprinting off your toes). Towards the end of today I figured out that if I lengthen my stride a lot and smooth it out that way, that helps, and I go a lot faster. I get the feeling that it looks pretty funny, though.

Most of the work I’ve had hasn’t been very hard, but it’s all been draining, partially because of the heat. Tuesday I was in charge, which is almost never fun. In this case, one of the people called out (last minute, initially said they were going to be late, then just didn’t show up) so that left just two of us until the emergency backups showed up. The producer guy I was working for was mostly okay, except for the parts where he tried to move one of our ladders with someone on it, and the part where he added about 6 things in the last hour. But we got it done, and the show went fine.

The “show” was another piece of work in itself. That filmmaker guy who does the surreal creepy weird movies that I mostly like who’s last name rhymes with Flynch has a foundation that does a bunch of different things, but that night was fundraising for the part that supports transcendental meditation as a cure for PTSD. They got a bunch of soldiers and such to talk about how much it had helped them etc. The thing is, from what I know, TM is a total cult. Meditation is great, I totally support that. But TM is a cult. Somewhat fitting for this guy, perhaps.

Anyway. Work is slowly lining up in the next couple weeks. My usual boss is putting in a bid for a big fashion show that should mean 4 days of work for me. I have a short day today and then just picked up more for wednesday and thursday. I’m excited about having free days. I want to wear dresses and walk around and bake and do things with John. But I can’t quite wish for days off. If I ask for them, or turn down work, I’ll end up with 3 weeks of nothing. No good.


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