Sore. Not terribly terribly, but bad enough that I dreaded coughing all day and opted to stand up because I didn’t want to use the muscles involved in lowering myself and standing back up. At least it was a pretty easy work day, as will be tomorrow. But tomorrow I should go back to the gym, and it will be the second day of soreness which is always way worse. Not excited.

Back when I was in circus (backstory aside, I was in a youth circus for 3 years as a teenager. It was as awesome and dorky as it sounds) one of the lies they told us was that the best time to work out is when you’re sore. Apparently, this is not true. Muscles need time to heal and all. So I guess I go and work on all the things that don’t hurt as much? Or I could run. But I hate running. We’ll see.

Also, I’m in charge at work tomorrow. That should be interesting. I’m a little excited and a little terrified and a lot nonchalant. We’ll see how it goes. It’s easy stuff, it’s just being on my toes and knowing what I can say yes to and pacing the day as best I can. We have 5 hours, but I have no real idea of what they want. All the lights are up, but we may have to retouch them all, and I have to work with some production guy and give him what he wants. It’s a weird space and set up, so the thinking part is tricky, but I’ve worked there a bunch so I hope all that experience will kick in. We’ll see.

I went shopping today, first time in a while. I got a really pretty dress that’s a little bit tight, but it’s supposed to be. Not my usual style, but it looks good and the color is awesome. And then two cardigans and a trenchcoat. Which will be awesome in about 5 months. But it was all half off, and the coat is really fantastic, with great buttons. It’s kind of military style, double breasted and all, but big cuffs and awesome buttons so it’s a little pirate-ish as well. I almost want it to be coat weather again so I can wear it now. Almost. The dress I might wear to John’s brothers wedding, we’ll see what else I come across this summer.


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