Hulk Smash! Hulk Bake!

Or something. I just went to the gym and busted my ass with weights so I’m feeling a combination of totally kick ass and weak as a kitten. It’s a good feeling. Fortunately I don’t have anything else to do today, really. I was going to make banana bread, but I just bought a kitchen scale and so I want to wait until I get that to do much more baking.

Speaking of baking, I am rocking that lately. I made that pie, and then my favorite cookies (oatmeal cranberry walnut) and then last night with Tenaya (who is back in town! But leaving soon, and I’m working most of the time she’s here. But I still got to see her) where was I- last night with Tenaya made these awesome hazelnut chocolate cookies that might be my new favorites. John gave me this really good baking book (that inspired the kitchen scale purchase) and that was the most enticing and quickest thing we found, and they were awesome. We burned a few of them, but I have some more dough to make today, so that’s good. Anything with chocolate and hazelnuts is pretty much guaranteed to be fantastic. And then from that same book, after I make the banana bread and the real bread, I think I’m going to make the rosemary shortbread and then the cheddar scallion scones. Baking madness!

I want to buy a bike since I need some form of cardio to balance all the weight stuff that I like, and I kind of hate running. I found a good used bike store in manhattan and I’m thinking about going there today, and then riding back. But that means 9 miles of city biking. I’m not sure I’m up to that, both in terms of stamina and dealing with traffic. I’m debating, though. We’ll see. If National Geographic keeps playing interesting stuff about the Rift Valley I may just sit here and watch that all day.


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