Making things!

So I started making sorbet last night, after making dinner (go, domestic me, go!). Turns out, sorbet is among the easiest things to make ever. Take water and sugar. Mix, heat, put in fridge. Take fruit, smash a lot (blenders are good for this step), put in fridge. Perhaps add lemon juice. Once fruit and sugar water are cold, combine, put in freezer (this is the step I just finished), wait 3-4 hours. Take out, blend again, put back. Ta da! I originally made four kinds- raspberry, strawberry, mango and nectarine, but the nectarine went kind of wrong in the night. I think one of the ones I used must have been bad, though incognito because I didn’t notice anything rotten. But then this morning (I left it all in the fridge overnight) it had a layer of brown on top, which at first I thought might just be oxidation, like with apple slices, but it also didn’t smell as good as the others, so I tossed that one. Which is really okay with me since I have about 12 cups of other flavors.

So now I have 3-4 hours free, as it were. I think I will be good and go to the gym (since I went through the trouble of signing up and all) and then come back, shower, and have an hour or two to be lazy until the sorbet is ready for to be pulverized. I like having these days.


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