So, someone dropped off a couple of raccoon kits at the animal hospital where John’s sister works, and I got to go visit one of them! The other has been taken home I think. Most of my raccoon knowledge comes from Sterling North’s awesome book Rascal (go read it now), but further research has revealed that raccoons don’t make very good pets. They make good companions, you can tame them enough to pet them and have them hang out with you. But they are not good pets at all. Even Rascal was set free after a few years. They belong in the wild. But, I am certainly glad I got to meet this one. Even if it did poop in my hair. Not the raccoons fault. Not completely. I had him on my shoulders where he was happily chirring away and investigating my hair clips, and then he started making a different sound, and I asked if he wanted to come down, and then possibly squeezed him a little as I lifted him off. In case you were wondering, raccoon poop is very metallic smelling. Like copper or iron filled mud. Interesting.

In any case, aside from that he was super cute and wandered around and chewed on my key chain and made all kinds of good noises and was happy to see me when I came back from washing my hair.

When I got home (after showering) I started looking up the feasibility of keeping him as a pet and discovered that no, not a good idea, and then started looking into fostering him until he can be released, and then into just having someone else raise and release him. Apparently you’re supposed to be specially licensed to deal with them, and Lauren’s employer could get in a lot of trouble for not turning them over to a qualified rescue right away. Whoops. But, then I wouldn’t have gotten to play with him.


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