Banks are stupid

So, the thing with my card being rejected for online stuff? After talking to three people in customer service, two of whom in the fraud department, over the course of two days, the fourth one finally told me that my card was not activated and that she could activate it and solve the problem. And then she did. Which is great! BUT. Why the hell didn’t those other three notice that? They all had the same information, were looking at the same screens, and somehow just told me, no it should be fine, I don’t know why you’re having trouble, did you enter the whole zip code? Argh. Whatever. Fixed now.

In that line, I’m waiting for my refund from the plane tickets. Apparently they have 15 days (now 9) to refund the ticket before I can call my bank again and make them give me the money back. Fortunately I’m doing pretty well right now because it’s 486 bucks, and that’s a pretty significant chunk to me, but at the moment I can still pay rent and live without it.

Speaking of living, I joined a gym today. We’ll see how this goes. It’s really close, is pretty cheap, includes classes, and is super clean. All good things. I think the non-cleaning staff are a tiny bit useless (woman who signed me up and showed me the cardio machines missed the fact that one needed to be adjusted for my leg length, in a big way) but I don’t need them much anyway. I did it because I usually spend the summer at camp eating really well and working out every day and I drop weight and feel great, and I’m not going to camp this year (big tear. Violins) and my rope instructor is going to LA for the summer, and my trapeze teacher is way far away now, and anyway both of those are more expensive than the gym. So, plan C. I hope I can stick to it because I just discovered peanut butter and banana milkshakes, which even without ice cream are pretty hefty, but oh so good and aside from the fact that they should be roughly half my caloric intake for a day are pretty good for me. I figure if I’m going to get attached to them I need to offset them, or at least put those calories to good use. We’ll see how this goes.


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