Barrels of work!

It’s been a ridiculous time since I last wrote. A lot of work, long hours, overnights, not enough sleep, barrels of money. Somewhere in there someone stole my card information and bought tickets to Mexico. That was fun. I’m still waiting for the refund on that. And now my old card (I had a miles debit card that I’d been using, but I kept my old card active and in reserve) is being rejected for online stuff because info isn’t matching and I can’t figure out why.

The apartment continues to be great. We got the couch. We’re settling in. Things are falling in to place. John’s making us dinner right now. We have the living room set up though messy, so we can eat and watch Big Cat Diary.

I officially got into school for next year, and now I’m freaking out about all that.

Now that work is slowing down I should be able to write more, but for now dinner is ready.


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