Today was underwhelming

I woke up late and put the litter house together, which was satisfying. The directions were actually really clear and it didn’t take any longer than it needed. It’s shorter than I thought it would be, but that’s okay. I snuggled with John a little while he was half asleep before leaving for the park.

The party was okay. Meh. Parts were really good. But it started with me sitting there by myself for an hour reading and watching little league games. It was a nice day, but overcast which makes it seem not as nice. I was giving up and leaving when I ran into a few people, so we stuck around and found some other people, and it was pretty fun. Lots of juggling, good jokes, fun people. Madeline showed up about an hour after that, so she missed a bunch of fun, and then didn’t talk to people as much as I would have liked. By that I mean I organized this so she could hang out with and meet camp people. And so I really wanted that, and it didn’t happen so much. But whatever, it doesn’t matter so much for me, and overall it doesn’t matter. I had fun juggling with and talking to my friends. We tried to go see a movie but it was sold out, and so everyone kind of petered away and I went to have dinner with John, which is always good.

On the walk home, I was so in my head that I walked a half block past my street, which turned out to be a pretty bad move when I got about a block away from home and the sky opened up and it poured. In that block I got pretty well soaked. If I hadn’t been so absent-minded I would have been just getting home then. Oh well. It was kind of cool, though. I was pausing to let a car back into their driveway when I heard this funny tapping noise. About two seconds later it hit me. Now I can’t tell if it’s stopped or if the windows are just super soundproof.

I’m not excited about tomorrow. I’m working a 13 hour day outside, and the rain is supposed to continue. Bah. Oh well. Good people, good money, maybe it won’t rain so much and it’ll be a good day.


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