I made curtains today! Ahem. Rather, I was supposed to make 6 curtains (2 per window) and I got them all cut out, but then I only made two of them before I got bored of the whole thing. I don’t have a sewing machine, so I’m using this magic iron on bonding stuff, which is great, but takes forever. Better luck next time. But at least I finished one window! And now I can’t see my neighbors deck, and they can’t see me lying in bed watching hulu at noon. Win win. Though the deck was nice and their cat did go out there sometimes. Oh well. The curtains are pretty, if a little uneven on the length.

The day has been lazy. My main mission was the curtains, and once I gave up on that didn’t see much reason to tackle anything else. I’m still a little sick, and have a crapload of work lined up in the next couple weeks, a lot of 12+ hour days so I’m taking it easy and getting things done slowly. It’s been nice.

We got our first gas bill, for 4 days worth. They read it on the 5th to open the account and then the 9th, when they regularly read it. Somehow in 4 days (that we weren’t even here for) we used about 2/3 as much gas as my old apartment in a month. I think something is wrong. I called my landlord, who does heating stuff, and left a message about maybe turning off the pilot light so we can light it with matches. I think the pilot could be turned down in general, as well. It’s not a huge deal, sort of, since I’ve been living here three weeks, and taken several showers and baths and used the stove a few times, so I feel like I got my moneys worth. But if that rate keeps up, the next bill will be horrifying.

In that line of being adult and making phone calls and dealing with bills, I called the couch people to have it delivered finally. Unfortunately, it can’t come until next thursday. But that gives us time to put away all the kitchen stuff that we’ve been stalling on finding a place for. It’s currently all on the living room floor. Whoops.

Tomorrow is the party for Madeline to meet Camp people. I have to keep reminding myself that, it snuck up on me. Also, the weather isn’t great, which is disappointing. And while I should be excited to see these people, especially since I’m not going to camp, I’m having a hard time caring. I’m hoping I’ll get there and it’ll be awesome and I’ll forget I ever thought otherwise.

I’m terribly disappointed and angry that I’m not working at Camp. I’ve been kind of ignoring and not dealing with that feeling, but it’s there. It’s a lot of my fault (about 95%, actually) but I can’t help but be resentful about it. Also, I never got to talk to Jah about it, only one of the assistant directors, and she’s someone I don’t like that much. No particular reason, we’ve just never clicked. But it was kind of insult to injury that I never got to talk to the person who hired me and who I most like and respect. Bah. Anyway.

Curtains! I think it’s time to order a pizza.


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