Holy pants!

SO much has happened.

I moved! It’s awesome. One of the downsides was not having internet for a couple weeks. An extra downside to that was fighting with smerizon on the phone for over 3 hours until someone came out and fixed it today. It sucked. But now I have internet which is all sorts of exciting and I’ve been catching up on everything.

I went to California! I actually just got back this morning. That part was not fun, I had a redeye flight with a stopover and I don’t sleep on planes and then took the airtrain and subway home, which meant walking the last mile with my bag. I picked up a lot of extra stuff at home, doorknobs and books and plates and all, so I think my bag weighed about 40lbs. But I made it! And the trip was awesome.

The main point was Tenaya’s parents wedding, and it was absolutely beautiful. I went over to their house when I got in and helped make cupcake frosting and watched some of the insanity, and it was so nice how seamlessly it came together two days later. It was outdoors in a great spot, Tenaya and her sister walked both of their parents out. They’ve been together for 40 years, and so this was an official marriage for social security, and a public renewal of vows to share with everyone they love. The statements they each gave and the vows themselves were beautiful and moving. I wish I had a transcript because I want to quote them. The main thing I remember was the vows began with promising to love and respect, and had something about remembering that there is more than one way to do a thing. I think all vows should have that bit worked in. It was the first wedding I’ve been too that almost seemed too short. It wasn’t, it was perfect, but it was so beautiful that it could have gone longer and no one would have minded. The rest was eating the potluck and the cupcake cutting and a little bit of dancing. I was so glad to be there to witness it.

The rest of the trip was good as well. I went to my favorite fabric store and found curtain material (so now I’ve committed to making them, eesh) and went to eat at some good places, and my mom and I got to watch some movies and my dad came with John and I to the Oakland Zoo, which was better than I remembered and had a lot of good stuff. Some has changed since I was last there and it was nice to see. I also got to go for a short walk with my dad on the last day, so now my legs are all sore. I think I found a bobcat track, which was great. It was definitely cat.

And now I’m back and recovering. I need to call the couch people tomorrow to have it delivered, so that will be exciting. And buy curtain rods and make curtains and make a pie to thank my land lady for feeding the cats. I can’t wait for John to get back friday so we can continue setting up our house. I have work lined up for next week so I can take these next few days off without freaking out, and thus actually get stuff done. It’s a good life at the moment.


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