More boring moving stuff!

Packing madness! I have almost all of the kitchen stuff, all of my books, all of my dresses, all of the bedding I’m not using currently, and some of my clothes packed. And some random stuff. I got the 25 reusable bins delivered, and have packed 18 so far (yeah. 11 of those are books. Eesh). I think I’ll have just the right amount.

We signed the lease today! And made copies of the keys! There are 4 of them, so I also got the little colored topper things. We also bought a couch, which was exciting. And a set of dishes and silverware and a passel of other kitchen stuff. I already have a lot of bowls, but not really any plates. And now we have four more bowls. Clearly, we should be living on soup.

My internal debate about how to move rages on. I was going to just do it myself with whatever friends I could bribe. But then a friend of mine recommended really good people, at a pretty good price. I emailed them but haven’t heard back yet. We’re also thinking that since we need to pick up the kitchen island, we could rent a van and do that, and move a lot of my boxes, which would hopefully make the actual move go faster and save me money. I need to call them tomorrow and see what’s going on. And make decisions.  Oof.

I had my second interview, in all of this madness. It went well. I hung out and watched stuff and did a little bit of helping and talked to the vet this time. I haven’t heard yet, but it should be soon.

I’ve also done aerial a few times. I hung the trapeze during a couple of Madeline’s classes and tried stuff out again, some strength and some tricks. I’ve lost a lot of strength and confidence. It’s also hard to get back into trapeze. Everything hurts. During one of the times, there was also a rope class going on, and I was watching them a lot and getting excited about that, so I took a rope class this week. That was a lot of fun to get back into. Hopefully I’ll get to keep going. This move is costing a lot of money, though, so we’ll see.


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