Moving blather and excitement

Maybe I’m ridiculous, but preparing to move is so much fun. I still haven’t started packing yet (wednesday!) but we’ve been buying stuff, and it’s been great. Our kitchen is small and lacking in usable counter space, so we found a kitchen island on craigslist that is perfect. I went and saw it the other day and paid for it and now they’re holding it till I can pick it up with the moving van. I might look up man with a van prices and see if I can get it before.

We also need to buy a couch. That part is a little crazy, but we found some good ones at potentially acceptable prices, so we’re going to go sit on them on thursday. I’ve culled out a bunch of clothing to donate and found a place not to far away. We bought a shower curtain and bath mat. I bought a litter house thing since the litter box won’t fit in the bathroom.

It’s just really exciting to be setting up a house together. I drafted the place, and made little furniture rectangles and we went out last night and played with configurations. I”m really glad that John is so excited as well. I’ve been sort of pushing for this for a long time, but now that it’s happened it’s not because he feels pushed into it. He decided he was ready and now he’s getting all into it as well.

We’ve had one girl come by to look at my room so far, and 4 more (possible 5) are coming tonight. The first girl was very nice, and has thrown her hat in the ring saying she definitely wants it, so now I’m secure in knowing that I have that covered, either by her or if we find someone better. She would be great, but you never know if someone else will stand out more. Best parts for me- she would be good for the 1st (so I get that half of the month back) and she didn’t say anything about my dark blue sloppy paint job. Woooo.

I finally got invited to my family’s seder for tonight. I was a little worried that maybe I wasn’t going to be. My grandmother had a 90th birthday party in california the weekend after I got back from Namibia and I couldn’t go, and my cousin guilt tripped me about it a little, and then I didn’t hear about passover for a really long time. But no, I’m not exiled from the family. And I’m going to visit my grandmother when I go to California in a couple weeks. So, reparations.

I can’t wait to start packing. I would have ordered the boxes for earlier, but I only get them for two weeks, and I wanted to have them for a few days after moving so I don’t have to dump everything right away. But I really want to pack up all my books and start sorting through everything else. I can’t wait.


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