– My taxes are done. I owe NY and California some money. Federal and NJ are giving me some back. I’m coming out a tiny bit ahead in this. Hooray.

– We have keys to the new place, and are signing the lease on wednesday. We get to do this backwards because the landlords live next door and like us already.

– I have arranged to rent a truck, rent reusable boxes to pack everything in, got a couple friends to help, ordered a slip cover for my armchair that John hates, ordered a litter box house since it will have to live on the landing.

– I filed my fafsa! Still waiting for official confirmation that I’m going to school, but supposedly I’m eligible for a loan or two. Lets hope that stays true.

I can’t start packing until I get these boxes in a few days, so instead I’m freaking out about all the other details. And staying up far to late. I just realized it’s 4 30 in the morning. No wonder I’m tired.


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