Apartment 1- Beautiful neighborhood. A long, but pretty, walk to the train. Trader Joes, Stop and Shop, lots of restaurants, most things one would need. Smallish. A little awkward. Not a great kitchen. Nice landlords. Upstairs. 1500, plus utilities. No fios, only dsl.

Apartment 2- Ugly neighborhood. Apparently totally safe, has everything one would need. Short walk to an inconvenient train. Big, two bedrooms and an office. Nice layout. 1.5 bathrooms. Porch/balcony thing. New kitchen, very pretty. Washer/dryer hookup, but no washer/dryer. Noisy neighborhood, but quiet inside. 1675 plus utilities. Fios available. Close to two people John works with and likes.

We’re seeing two more tomorrow. One I don’t really want, but after the hassle it’s been to set up the appointment, I would feel shitty about cancelling. The other I have hopes for, but John has already set himself against the neighborhood. We’ll see. And then we’ll make lists and decide. This is tough.


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