Well that was almost embarrassing.

Pidgeon loves the bathroom. It’s her domain. She’ll follow you in, sometimes she sleeps there. So, this morning I went to take a shower, and she came with me. Normal, fine. But then halfway through I peek out to look at her, make sure she’s not ripping up the toilet paper or anything, and she’s been replaced by Snippet. “That’s odd” I think “I could have sworn it was Pidgeon who OH MY GOD THE DOOR IS OPEN”

Whoops. I guess I hadn’t quite pulled it all the way shut? And then Snippet, who isn’t a total bathroom aficionado, but who hates to be left out, pushed her way in. Thanks cats. I’m pretty sure at least one of my roommates is home, too. Oh well.

Interview tonight! I don’t know what to wear. I’m more and more convinced that it’s not an interview so much as a tryout. I have no idea what to wear. Clearly, my Interview Skirt is out, if I’m going to be doing some actual work. I have two pairs of dress pants, but I’m not in love with them. But that might be the safest bet. I am, though, in love with a pair of jeans I bought recently, and they’re still all super new and I’ve almost convinced myself that they look nice enough to wear to this. It also seems like a pretty casual clinic. In their bios they talk about kickboxing and translating manga and such. But I don’t work there yet. I have roughly three hours to decide, and then an hour to change my mind a few times. Argh.


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