Oh the dreams

John and I looked at an apartment a week or so ago. It was nice, but waaaay too small. I’m pretty sure I could fill it with my stuff alone. So no go. But I was cheered because we went to look! And even though afterwards he said something about how he had better uses of his time, he kept commenting about how he had liked thing about it, and how now we know what too small is, and other little things that made me smile inside because I know he’s thinking about it, and imagining similar things.

We kept looking and today I found what I want. I have no idea if it will happen. It’s too much money. It’s sort of far from school (and potential work). It’s in a really good neighborhood, but it looks like there’s no parking. I don’t know what utilities, if any, they cover. But it’s beautiful. Like, Victorian moldings, two fireplaces, hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen, bay window beautiful. I want it. I would need to convince him to pay more rent. It’s not too much out of our range, but I couldn’t afford that, unless I get amazing student loans. And an awesome job that pays a lot. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime I’ll stare at the pictures and imagine my armchair by the bay window.


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