Well that was a good day

And it’s still going. I had brunch with Madeline and her roommate and a couple of their friends, which was good. Interesting people, really good food. I’m still sated from it. We made way too much stuff, eggs with mushrooms, spinach, onions, garlic and cheese, roasted potatoes, pancakes with berry sauce and mango chunks, stewed cinnamon apples and pears, bacon, and one girl brought a baked french toast blueberry thing, kind of like bread pudding with cream cheese. So much food, and all of it really good. It was a lot of fun to hang out and help cook a big meal like that.

Then I went into the city to a photography store (and ran into one of my employers there, odd) to check out a bag I’ve been looking at online. It seemed good, but I wanted to make sure it fit my camera and all since several reviews complained about cameras not fitting with telephoto lenses. But- it fit great, so I bought it. Money I didn’t need to spend, but still well spent. I’m really happy with this bag. Buying it was a funny process. I checked it out on the shelf, and then a sales guy wrote down the code for it on a piece of paper, and I took that up to a register. But not a register. The guy typed in the code and fiddled around for a minute, and then reached under the counter and pulled out a green bin with the bag! It was like magic. I was so surprised. It was like seeing a replicator work (yes, I’m a nerd). But then I didn’t get the bag. I got a receipt-like slip saying how much the bag was, tax and all. I took that downstairs to the cashier, and paid for the bag, and got my receipt and pickup slip. Then I went to another counter, gave that guy my pickup slip, and magically my bag was hanging back there. What a process.

It was a nice day (one of the first in a while, I hope it’s a lasting trend) so I walked the long way back to the subway. I ran into a friend from work on the train and she rode with me for a few stops. I stopped by a wholesale discount overstock type place near my house and picked up a nice tshirt for 5 bucks. And then! (I’ve been building most of the day up to this) I got a voicemail! From a vet! Saying they liked my cover letter and wanted to talk to me! So I called back! And have an interview on thursday! Hurray! Finally! After tens of emails sent out, and  phone calls, and months of waiting. We’ll see what happens. But I’m excited.

And of course conflicted. It’s me, after all. If I get a real job like this, I can’t work at Camp this summer. I won’t get that kind of time off. Which I’m sad about, but mostly okay with. Except that I finally got Madeline to apply to Camp, and they just made her an offer and she’s taking it, and now if I bail on her, I’ll feel pretty bad. Also, apparently they haven’t yet filled the position at the theater I did my internship with, and while I’ve pretty much moved on, my mom really wants me to call them and see what’s going on. And it would be a tempting job. But I don’t want it anymore. But I feel like I should call about it to make my mom happy. She seems to really want me to move back to California. To the point where she was talking about thinking about giving me her car and buying a new one. Weird. I mean, we love each other and all, but we also drive each other nuts in close quarters. I’m not sure why she’s so enthusiastic about this.

But in any case, today was good, and in a few hours I’ll go have dinner with John and show him the bag and tell him about the interview. All good things.


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