Namibia highlights, several weeks late

I’m still waiting on some of the pictures from other people, and also it’s tedious to type up the journal, paste pictures into the document, and then have to reinsert them here when they don’t carry over. So, instead of boring you with the details and all, here’s the bulletpoint version.

– It was great. I loved the weather, the landscape, and the animals.

– I had a lot of heat rash. Or maybe sun allergy. It was terribly uncomfortable and made some people look at me funny. I still had a great time.

– I got really good at looking for tracks, even when people where driving too fast. Also, I liked the telemetry, and getting to triangulate a signal with the compass and gps points.

– I saw a lot of giraffes. We saw a lot of animals in general, but the giraffes stood still to have their pictures taken. So I have a lot of pictures of them. Aside from that, I saw oryx, springboks, red hartebeest, wildebeest, elands, zebras,  jackals, baboons, and a leopard. The leopard was tame-ish, and liked posing.

– And also cheetahs. Because we went to the cheetah place and were the only ones, and got to see them be fed, and petted 7 month old cubs. The adults were very angry about people, like when you feed a group of feral cats, and did a lot of explosive spitting and stomping. The cubs were very cute, licked our hands a lot, chewed on John’s shoe, and nipped the back of my arm, like the bobcat did.

– The hotel we stayed at before the cheetah place was fantastic, and had springboks and a tame eland that came and ate bread out of our hands. Our host made good dinner, plied us with many drinks, and the other guests were german vets, and there was lots of great conversation.

– I rode on the back of the landrover a lot, and got hit in the face with a lot of spiderwebs.

– We did a lot of work and got up around 6 30 or earlier every day. We volunteered for a lot of extra trap checking and such, which I really enjoyed.

– The people were mostly good, and I hope I stay in touch with some of them.

– The food was amazing, and I miss it. It was all just fresh and good, and a lot of game. Elands taste good.

– We caught a warthog in a box trap, and it tried to gore John through the bars when he went to let it out.

– We found leopard tracks in the riverbed behind camp, and heard him talking almost every night. The day before we left, we set up a box trap along his route, but hadn’t caught him by the time we left. I hope they have by now, and we just haven’t heard.

– All in all, money well spent, and one of the best experiences ever. I’ve been trying to think of ways to get back there.

I might do an addendum entry later, but that sums most of it up.


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