Roommate rant

SO, I cleaned everything yesterday. That included throwing away our old shower curtain liner, since it’s time was over, but I forgot to get a new one while I was out buying a mop that actually worked and drain cleaner. Shame on me. This morning I was talking to my roommate, and she mentioned she was going to go out and get more dish detergent “and other things”. Silly me, I thought that might include a shower curtain liner. This is a fairly small thing, but  Come on. Our shower curtain is awesome, and needs to be protected. She was going out for other household things. She had already taken a shower and noticed the liner missing. I figured this would happen, though, and bought one on the way home. I hope soon enough that the shower curtain hasn’t been infected. We have no air thing in the bathroom, so the humidity sticks around and creates mold. Nothing terrible, just has to be cleaned once in a while, and shower curtain liners need to be changed regularly.

This has been a pitiful rant. But there’s a part two! This same roommate! Does dishes sometimes, which is always nice, but she is fucking incapable of clearing the dishrack first. She always just piles the wet dishes on the already dry ones. WHY. I will never understand this. It’s also often pretty crowded, it’s not a big dishrack. WHY CAN YOU NOT PUT THEM AWAY FIRST?

I need to move. These are little things, but they’re repeated, and they bug the shit out of me.


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