Productive day!

I cleaned! Mostly superficially, but some actually cleaning. My room now has floor space, and the cats can sit on the windowsill again, and I packed up a box of clothes and a box of bedding. I swept the hallway and most of the living room, mopped the kitchen floor, and scrubbed out the bathtub. And did the dishes. The kitchen was the worst, because I couldn’t find the good mop thing, and the other one is pretty awful. I think it’s also because I don’t actually know how to mop. I had to go over it about 4 times to get all the soap up. Because that’s what you do, right? First you take soapy water and you wash and scrub it. Right? But then you have a floor covered in soapy water. So then you have to wash that off, but in my case it took a while. Oh well. Anyway. I’m really excited about being able to take baths again. I hope one of my other roommates bought a shower liner or I’m going to have to do that later.

So that was exciting and felt pretty good. Maybe I’ll even drop off my laundry tomorrow. Or do it myself later some time. Tomorrow I’m going to the dmv to get (finally) a NY license. I’m sad about having to give up my california one, but it’s really long overdue, especially since I’ve committed to another two years here. And then who knows.

And now I have to go make dinner, because I’ve run out of being able to justify buying dinner and/or eating cereal straight from the box.


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