Taking a break from reading vet reviews. I’m compiling my list of places to apply to, so far about 25 places. There are some pretty terrible reviews out there. A lot can be taken with a grain of salt, like, they over charge, or they killed my dog. Because those are both subjective. Was your dog going to die anyway? Or did they actually fuck up and kill it? Did they overlook something rare and hard to find? And did they actually overcharge you, or is medicine just expensive? So there’s a lot of reading in to things like that, but then there are also a lot of terrible stories about things being done without permission, glib and incompetent doctors, and asshole front desk staff. So I need a break.

Along with that, I keep planning my escape to other places. There’s another thing in Greece that I’d like to do. Biosphere was the most expensive trip I found, everything else is fairly reasonable, but airfare is turning out to be prohibitive. Maybe I’ll win the lottery. is pretty great. I’m considering using it as a challenge, and making something it suggests every day. This probably won’t happen.


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