Big plans!

So I have to be in school for two years, so I figure I shouldn’t try to do anything else while I’m finishing that. But then after! (I like plans, but it does suck planning for more than a year ahead. But, yay ideas!)

I found a place in Bolivia, rehabilitating abused animals, and animals that were being sold on the black market. Mostly working with monkeys and medium cats, pumas and ocelots and the like. You take them on walks. I’m totally doing this. Two months there.

Then the place in Costa Rica that I visited. Two months there. I’m excited about that, I liked it a lot there, and they have sloths. And howler monkeys. After 4 months in Spanish speaking countries, my spanish should be awesome. So, clearly, after that, I should head to a german speaking country.

And go back to Namibia and Ongos and be a research assistant there for two months. They’re planning on being there for 5 years, so waiting a while isn’t a problem. I’ll try to time it so I’m there in the dry season, so I can see a different side of the place.

And then home again. OR maybe to CCF, but that depends on what I can afford. Bolivia will cost a little, but not much at all. Costa Rica is only cost of living, and then Ongos will be whatever it costs to house and feed me. Shouldn’t be too bad. CCf is expensive though. Hopefully with certification it will be cheaper, but that might only apply to vets, not vet techs. We’ll see. Six months is a plenty long animal saving trip. The plane tickets will be the most expensive thing, but hopefully by then I will have enough airline miles to cover one or two of those flights.  I would like to end it with a trip to Thailand with John and Lauren and Jon, and spend two weeks not doing much of anything, and playing with tiger cubs without having to take care of them. And eating barrels of thai food. Which is what I’m going to do now, it’s dinner time.


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