Blarg again

More Namibia journaling soon, but for now, current stuff.

I’ve fully adjusted to being back, I suppose, what with sleeping in to 11 (thanks, no work these days) and following the cats examples of being totally lazy. I applied for a couple more jobs at vet offices, so we’ll see how that goes.

I don’t want to be here, honestly. I’m trying to find ways to go back.

But, in the meantime, I should start studying for the ACT again (though, ray of hope, I might not actually have to take it. I hope I find out for sure before the test date that I scheduled…) and John and I are trying to find an apartment, though he rightly pointed out that what with the school thing, I should wait and find out what kind of financial aid I’m going to have so that we actually know what I’ll be able to pay in rent before we start seriously looking. Way to be sensible and kill the dream.

The Pogues concert! Was pretty great. We went out for ramen beforehand, which was great, though I shouldn’t have gotten the spicy one. Still, was good, and we took our time and hung out which is always nice. As per my ridiculousness, we were there by 5, with doors at 7, but then at 6 they let us go up to the rooftop bar which was nice. John decided to stay with me and come down front, which I was happy and surprised about. He ended up having a pretty good time, despite the floppy drunken asshole behind him (who I shoved at one point, and was impressed by how far he went. Also impressed by me shoving at all, usually I don’t stand up for myself, but he was drooling in my face and I decided to actually do something instead of ignoring him). The floppy guy left at some point, and was replaced by bouncing drunk. The opening band sucked. A lot. At first I thought it might just be that the sound guy sucked, but then the Pogues sounded awesome (despite a couple feedback moments) so clearly, it was just the band. Eesh. But the Pogues were great, and Shane was drunk and unintelligible, and it was awesome. I had a guy protecting me from the worst of the crowd mashing, so my ribs were saved this year. I ran into someone I know from work at the end, who was super drunk and overly happy to see me.

John decided that he didn’t like me going home alone and so he came along, always nice. We went out to breakfast at a place near me and decided we needed to go to dinner there at some point. I’m thinking about going there now to get a breakfast sandwich. Part of my ennui with being back is that I really don’t want to do anything for myself, especially cooking. Which is not terribly unusual, but before I was just lazy about it. Now I’m somewhat actively opposed, and feeling okay about tossing money around, which is no good. I need to save all my money for moving and being a poor student.

But what the hell. Today isn’t the ridiculous niceness that yesterday was (70 with a warm breeze) but it’s still good enough to go out and enjoy.


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