Ack! Too soon, too soon!

I leave tomorrow morning. Eek. I found a perfect new baby duffel yesterday (though it’s round ended, not square. But whatever), and then spent $60 on notebooks and school supplies. Whoops. Worth it though? I got three seemingly really good teaching material books, one 4th grade math that goes in to fractions and basic geometry with angles, and a 3rd and 5th grade reading one which go into all the sentence structure and parts of speech and blahdy blah. I really wanted to get those because they asked for teaching materials as well, and it’s great to have pencils but your teacher can still teach you stuff without them, especially if they can show it to you in a book while explaining it. I also really want to bring paper, even though it’s heavy because you can have all the pens in the world, and they’re mostly useless unless you have something to write on. Right?

So I should be set now. Just have to do a final pack and drag it all to John’s and then play with weighing it and swapping stuff into the coat and weighing some more, and then doing a real final pack.

I went out to lunch with Madeline yesterday and had a great time. We took as long as we could as both of us had about 3 hours before we needed to be anywhere. And then we went into the city and I went to a camera store and bought more rechargeable batteries, and then went to the thank-you drinks with my boss.

Which were awesome. I delayed myself long enough that other people were there before me (always good. I’m usually chronically early, and then super awkward because I’m the first one there) and it was great. I talked to everyone, a lot about the trip, but a lot about everything else as well. It was nice to hang out not at work, but we’re all pretty good friends at work so it was also like having a 5 hour break. Except there was no work. Anyway. I’m really glad I went. It was the perfect day-before-the-day-before I leave.

And now I have to go take a shower and do a  final pack and not forget anything and oh my god I’m actually going. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I’ll keep a journal there and try to transfer it here when I’m back, we’ll see how that goes.


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