Cheetah excitement

I always like to raise my window shade when I wake up, but the cats clearly don’t approve. They’re both sleeping with their paws tightly over their faces against the light. Poor kittens.

While I’m very excited about the main part of this trip, with the land rovers and telemetry and traps and smelly warthog legs that they use to bait the traps and all of that, I think what I’m possibly most excited about is going to the Cheetah Conservation Fund after that. CCF does all kinds of good work tracking and studying cheetahs, and also has a bunch of recovering or unreleasable cheetahs that live there, and you can go visit and watch the feeding and exercising and all of that. There are also some drives where cheetahs can be ‘encountered’. I’m not sure quite what they mean by that, but I really hope that means ‘sit with and pet and maybe have one headbutt you in affection’ because that’s what I want to have happen. In any case, our schedule there is –

Cheetah Run at 8.00
Bellebeno Safari at 9.00
Cheetah Feed 12.00
Education Center after
Lunch at 13.00
Cheetah Safari at 14.00

I’m so excited about this. Leopards are beautiful, and definitely the most catlike, and I’m totally fascinated by them, but cheetahs are pretty and delicate and sympathetic, and they purr and meow. Leopard sounds are nothing like housecats, and while I know that these are all wild animals and not to be treated like pets, it is nice to have familiar aspects.

I’m trying not to think that far ahead though. There’s a whole trip in between to be enjoyed. Also, now I know how to use my watch as a compass.


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