Packing madness!

Wearing- tank top, light 3/4 sleeve shirt, button up flannel, pajama pants, travel underwear, bra, travel trench.


2x travel underwear

1x bra

6x socks

4x tanktops

4x tshirts

1x long sleeve

1x pants

1x shorts

1x skirt

1x rain jacket

1x bandana

First aid kit

Camera with 2 lenses, 3x memory cards

Platypus water bladder, 3L capacity

Toiletries- deodorant, hairbrush, floss, 2x travel toothpastes, toothbrush, hair ties, hair clips, lip balm, 3x small sunscreen tubes, 1 razor

Total weight, not in a bag- 10lbs

My hat and trench are supposed to be here tuesday. I’m not sure if I should buy more batteries for my camera, or bring my recharger thing and hope someone else has a transformer I can use. I need to get a notebook for recording the trip in general, and also field notes about game counts and such. I think I am going to get a different, lighter, bag so I can bring a little more. I’m not too worried about the weight, though. I might have to leave some of the school supplies but it looks like I’ll be able to bring most. And then I need a daypack thing, but I think John’s sister has one I can borrow. I have various backpacks, but hers is super light and packs into itself, so win.

In other words, I am so almost ready. And super excited.

About the rest of my life, the film thing last night was fine. It turned out to not be a commercial at all, but just filming people at the concert to show the credit card people what people thought about it. A lot of standing around, and some carrying of tripods. I popped in to watch the show a couple times, and it looked good. I was disappointed that it wasn’t interviewing him or anything, though. I ended up not having to drive, which was good. I would have been fine, but less stress that way.

Somehow during it, I hurt my back. Or my back decided last night that it was hurt. Something. I had been vaguely considering getting a post-fashion, pre-16-hour-flight massage, but now I think I need one. It’s a new spot in my back, and I can’t think of anything I might have done to strain it there. Oh well.

But- Three and a Half Days!


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