Five days!

Yesterday John and I went and got his international driving permit so we can rent a car in Namibia, and then went to ems to get other stuff. I got travel underwear and tried unsuccessfully to find a hat. Ems had one, but it was 76 dollars. Lifetime guarantee and all, but still. The sporting goods store we went to didn’t have any either, which surprised me. They have a huge fishing section, you’d think they would have hats suitable for fishing, wide and sun-and water-proof. I ended up ordering one and was actually able to get a decent shipping price, so that’s good.

I’m mostly packed. We found out that the carryon weight limit is 18lbs, which sucks. We don’t want to check anything for fear of it being stolen or delayed, and fortunately it looks like I am so awesome at packing that I won’t have to. The clothes that I have so far, in my bag, with my camera and most of the school supplies, was 15lbs. I bought this awesome trench coat that’s made for travel with a million pockets, so I’m going to put some of the school supplies and toiletries in those pockets, which frees up a little more weight. I mostly need to add more shirts and tank tops, and maybe a bathing suit. During the expedition I won’t use it, but the rest of the trip, most of the places we’re staying have a pool. Might be nice to take advantage of that.

While I was out running around, I got a text from someone I work with saying “Are you free tomorrow? Do you like Sting? Can you drive?” to which the answers were all yes, so today I am PAing on a credit card commercial. This is going to be awesome. I have no idea what to expect. I suspect that I’m the one driving everyone from tribeca to Newark, which is going to be awful, but aside from that I have no idea. I was told corporate clothing, black pants and nice shirt, and no tools. We’ll see how it goes.

The weather has been nice the past few days, with yesterday approaching hot (60), but then it got super windy last night, and not it’s 40 with a forecast of flurries. I don’t mind going back to winter, but I don’t like the yoyoing. I like more gradual weather changes.


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