This is an angry work entry.

You have been warned.

Today was one of the worst days ever for work. It started out well. By first break, two and a half hours in, we had all of the lights and cable down. But then we had to take down the grid. Which means fighting with pipe. Also, they wanted to inventory it, and make note of where each pipe was, which meant naming and labeling them all. They guy doing that is a good guy, but he wasn’t fast enough. Chris and I had to go slower so we wouldn’t get ahead of him, and still somehow it got a little screwed up.

By lunch we had all the pipes going down the room (let’s say on the x axis) down and labeled. Lucky me, I got pulled off the job around then and sent to fill cases and start loading the truck. Apparently while we were gone, Chris went way faster and Lance got left in the dust. I don’t understand how this happened at all, but the end result was that Lance and I were sentenced to wandering around, trying to find pipe, correcting labels, and then, at the end, the assistant head (who had been irritating me all day) decided he wanted an inventory of just how many of what lengths we had, and since our map wasn’t totally right (thanks Lance and Chris) we had to go remeasure all of the pipe.

Halfway through this, the carpentry crew came is and started breaking down walls. By which I mean, kicking in drywall.  It was louder than any concert I’ve been to. Fortunately we got to leave after that, but because various people (assistant boss, Lance) had bee stupid at various points, the whole thing took a couple hours longer than needed. And made me hate everything.

I was so irritated that I skipped going to the bar with everyone because at that point I didn’t want to hang out with them. Argh.


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