I am all messed up

So I ended up being up for 43 hours on my long hellish day. I got a nap in there, but it consisted of turning over a lot and half dreams of running cable. So I think it doesn’t count. I was all right, actually, until the very end. The freight elevator broke on the next to last load, which meant taking 7 trips in the passenger elevator, and carrying stuff down the block and around the corner. Once my energy started going to keeping me warm instead of just working and staying awake, I felt horrible and sick and exhausted. We got done a little early, which was good, but then I had to take a shower when I got home so that delayed sleep a little more. And then I only got about 6 hours of sleep, though it was really good solid sleep, and then I had to be in new jersey this morning. I got home a little after 6 30, and went to sleep before 8. Then I woke up at midnight feeling hot and irritable and drank some water but that just made it worse somehow, so I went out and got popsicles (and as ever am totally thankful that I live a block away from a 24 hour grocery store) and called my mom and felt much better. Now it’s almost 2 am and I’m starting to get tired again, so that’s good. I have no work tomorrow, so I’m turning off the alarm and luxuriating. Work thursday, which is great. I was really hoping to pick up something then, and another 10 hours is fantastic.

One short rant and then sleep- I work for a college occasionally, and this fall they switched to paying me through a temp agency, which is fine except that I have to do online timesheets and they seem to think that I work there every week, and make me fill out a timesheet every week regardless of whether I worked. Which means since I’ve ignored them since october, I have like 20 timesheets to fill out. I worked for them this past week, and got an email on sunday saying hey, it has to be in by 2pm today, let us know if you have any issues. Sunday was my 20 hour call and the second half of my 43 hour day, so that wasn’t going to happen. They said oh, okay, well if you get it in late tonight we’ll try to process it with this weeks payroll. So when I got home, before I took my shower, I tried, and it WOULDN’T LET ME LOG IN. This is horribly frustrating, and I couldn’t deal with it, so I sent them an email saying “I can’t log in. I have been up for 42 hours. I will deal with this later.” and I haven’t heard from them yet. Nor have I tried to log in. I would really like to be paid for my 12 hours, but this is such bullshit. I really hate that they’ve done this and that there’s no good way around it. I asked to be paid for the time I’ll have to spend filling them out and catching up, and they said to just make a draft of a blank one and keep submitting that, it’s much faster. Which doesn’t solve the problem. And is also moot because I can’t freaking log in.

Also, Namibia in 8 days. What?

Now time to try to rectify my sleep situation.


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