I’ve been good about writing a lot the last couple weeks, but that’s about to stop for a bit. The past couple days wiped me out, and reinstated my hatred of NJ transit (for so so many reasons. I won’t go in to it now as I have to go to sleep and it will just make me angry again), and then today I mostly had off which was nice. I had a bit of work this evening, and now here’s what I’m facing for the next five days-

Friday 7am-midnight.

Saturday- lots of sleep preparing for what’s to come, then 7pm to 2am

Sunday- 10am-7pm. 8pm to midnight.

Monday- 4am to midnight.

Tuesday- 8am-9pm.

I’m trying to pick up a few days after that, but even if that’s it, it’s actually turned out to be a decent fashion. I thought I’d lost a third of my work, and it turns out I’ve only lost less than a fifth of what I did in september. So now, to bed, so I can wake up at 5 45.


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