Oh my brain

So I bought an ACT study book, and last night did a full practice test to see where I stand and how long it took me. I finished each section in or on time, so that’s good. I have a lot of math to relearn, though. A lot. It seems that I’ve forgotten everything I learned in algebra, and about half of geometry. As of last night, my scores were-

English- 27

Math- 18

Reading- 31

Science Reasoning- 26

Overall- 25.5. Which is actually a fairly average, semi-respectable score. But I figure what with going to school for a sciencey thing, I should maybe bring up the math and science scores. Those are all out of a total of 36. Apparently most people get between 18 and 27. The math section kicked my ass. I answered 31 of 60 questions. I need to stop by the library and find an algrebra text book and cart that around for a while.


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