La Vida

So yesterday I worked a Ricardo Mortin show. Sort of. Basically, the road crew did all the stage and concert lights, we did the room lighting. I did actual work, running feeder and stuff for the first half of the day. It was pretty miserable, but I dropped a flat on my foot and it was all bruised, so I was in a good mood (not kidding. I’ve discovered that I am so messed up that if I’m in a bad mood at work, and I get hurt in some way, my mood instantly flips. This has been proven several times. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true; if I’m in a good mood and get hurt, then I start hating everything), the weather was lousy and it took a while to unload the truck and get it all up the stairs and inside. But then the second half I was board op, so I sat around and pushed buttons, which is always fun. His rehearsal was low key, they did snippets of stuff, and his family and kids were hanging out. The kids were Adorable. One was just asleep most of the time, but the other one was happy and excited and attempting to keep a beat. But then the show was pretty awesome. He is a really good live performer, and had a lot of fun. I also am not that familiar with his music outside of the two that played endlessly when I was in high school, so it was good to hear his other stuff. Also, he sounds better in spanish than english. I like his voice better. So that was a fun day.

The day did not start out fun. The day started out at 4am with my russian roommate knocking on my door freaking out because the kitchen ceiling was leaking. I told him to put something under it and that it had happened before. The rest of the morning was something like-

4 30- can’t go back to sleep. Thirsty.

5- still can’t sleep. Still thirsty. Maybe I should check on the kitchen. I do, and discover that he was right to freak out, and hadn’t done enough. I add a couple containers to catch drips, get a towel out of the laundry and mop most of the floor with it, empty one of the original containers that he set down that is already getting full, and take down the basket of rice and lentils that is directly under one of the leaks.

5 30- downstairs neighbor knocks. His bedroom is under our kitchen. I apologize and show him that we’re doing what we can. Empty another container.

6- I have an hour and a half left. I can still get some sleep.

6 30 – fall asleep. Dream about getting a job playing with animals. It includes housing, and it’s on the floor below mine, so moving will be easy. The house I live in is also huge and awesome.

7 15- wake up. Feed cats.

7 30- alarm goes off. Hit snooze

7 50- having not slept since 7 15, get up, and trugde through slush to the train. Almost slip a few times because my rain boots don’t have the traction to deal with melting snow and freezing rain.

But then I got a good live show, and 4 hours of overtime!


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