Lazy work

Today, I sat on my butt and read for 12 hours. Rather, I read for about 5 or 6 hours. Then I finished my book. Whoops. And they fed us! I wish I had anticipated this more, and not bought lunch, but oh well. Basically anything that went out to the main room and came back couldn’t be sent out again, but there was nothing wrong with it, so all of us back by catering ate it. And it was really good food. Tomato soup in baby espresso cups with a little grilled cheese circle on the rim like a lemon. Peppery beef rolled in arugula leaves (really good). The highlight may have been the toasted ham and cheese sandwiches with a dot of raspberry jam on top. Seriously. Somehow, it totally worked and was amazing. the baby crab cakes were really good too. And they had little open faces s’mores. Basically, I sat around and ate as food came back in from the main room. Those assholes were barely eating anything. And then when I was full I packed up a bunch of leftovers and took them to John, who thoroughly agreed with me about how good it all was. Tomorrow, more of the same. I’ll need a new book.


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