Back in the grind.

Work! Was good. Fairly easy day, but continual, and one where you couldn’t sit down because it “looks bad” and “the client will see”. But, a solid day, 10 hours for me, and tomorrow is 12. Tomorrow and tuesday are going to be great because I don’t have to do much. At all. I love babysitting shows. I go in early, check the lights, turn everything on, and then wait. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong, or maybe I’ll have to change a lamp or something, and then I check everything, and go home. They fed us today, which was nice as the lunch that I brought became my dinner, and I felt like I ate for free the whole day. I’m hoping they feed us again tomorrow, but that might be too much to hope for.

The one bad thing about work was when I got hurt. I was pulling a hamper with someone else pushing and walking backwards and pinched my finger between the hamper and the door frame, hard enough to bruise and bleed through a bandaid. It was partially my fault, but also the girl who was pushing and could see should have warned me. But the whole days I was sort of off spatially. I kept bumping into things and tripping and sort of being in the way a lot. Not terribly, but certainly more than normal. I blame not really working for so long. Or maybe it’s the brain parasites.

Yesterday I hung out with Madeline, which was great. We made an actual real dinner, all of which was super easy. Chicken and cornbread and swiss chard, and leftovers for lunch/dinner today. I convinced her that working at Camp this summer would be the best thing ever, we talked about a potential sort of camp that we might run in august, she showed me videos of stuff she was working on with rope and lyra. I need to start doing trapeze again. I don’t have much time now, and definitely no money, but after Namibia I want to rent space and work out and maybe take some classes. SO MANY PLANS.


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