I have work!

Wooo! So far, sunday through wednesday, solid. And I’m hitting 40 hours before the wednesday ends, so I’m hoping I pick up more. Though their work week might end sunday night, which would put this on two different pay periods. In which case, I really hope I get a few more days to push this in to overtime land.

Tomorrow and saturday I still have free, so tomorrow is finding ACT study books and some other errands, and then saturday is hanging out with Madeline and cooking. I’m excited about everything in the near-immediate future.

One of the guys from the Namibia trip friended me on facebook. Weird/good. He and his wife are going, and they’re a little older than my mother, I think. I estimated from the date of his MBA on his profile. I was worried that he was going to try to have us meet up in Windhoek before the thing actually starts, but then he just gave me luggage advice. I’m excited about meeting all these people and going on the trip with them, but I feel like the time before it actually really starts is just mine and John’s, and should be low-key and anti-social. We both just want to sleep, hang out at the hotel place, and go to this restaurant we’ve been seeing a lot about. Then the sociability can start.

So, remember the teacher who offered to do a drive at her school? I told her that the people replied that I should go on the trip and talk to the school about shipping stuff there, and then do a drive, and she was like, ‘that’s cool, but hey, I want to get this nailed down, and also maybe do a penpal thing, so when do you want to meet up to discuss this.’  Wait, what? I mean, I think it’s awesome that she wants to help so much, but slow down lady. Yes, let’s nail down a day for the drive, sure. But penpal thing? I don’t know. This is getting too big for me. And maybe I should talk to the teachers and kids there before you get too excited about that. Also, why do you want to meet, and what would we discuss? The fact that I really don’t know anything else and have no real way of contacting the school? That I’ve already told her everything I know? That I think we should do the drive at the beginning of april, which I’ve already told her? I am so confused, and don’t know quite how to respond to her. So far, I haven’t.

In other news, while it got off to a late start, winter is totally pony’ing up and being winter here. We just got another big pile of snow, and there’s supposed to be more on tuesday next week. I think this is actually the most winter-like winter I’ve had here, though my first year was pretty good as well. It’s nice to get something pretty to look at in exchange for the cold.


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