I’m not sure I can handle being a student again

So my work keeps getting cancelled. Well. That’s a stretch. I heard about something this week, and then it got cut back to just 4 hours, and then I got cut. So ‘keeps getting cancelled’ is a stretch, but it feels true. It’s looking like a slow season. No good. And of course I haven’t heard from the vet job things. I’m debating breaking rules and showing up there and talking to them, but that might just make them really hate me. Who knows. Anyway.

So after my bit of work today and dinner with John, I came home and started researching the online vet tech schools I’d looked at before, and then I looked at the one that’s in town, and then I applied. So, maybe I’m going to school next fall? It’s community college, I don’t think they reject anyone. I also started trying to fill out a fafsa (but their website is sucking right now) because I am way too poor to pay for school. Well. I probably could, but I would have no time to work. To pay for living. We’ll see how that goes. Eesh.


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