Dealing with more reality

So, now that I’ve rashly applied for school, a few things have come to light.

1- they want my college transcripts. This makes total sense since technically I am a transfer student. But, I can’t call and ask for my official transcript. I have to mail in the request. And pay $5.

2- They want my high school transcripts. What the hell? It’s a community college, so it sort of makes sense, but is really weird. I think transfers with more than two years of college should not have to do the high school transcripts bit. Once again, I have to mail it, and it’s $5.

3. I have to take the ACT. What the hell. Seriously this time. I took the SATs. You know, when I was in high school. I did pretty good on them. Can we move on now? Why do I have to take another test that is roughly equivalent, 9 years after I would have taken it if I had wanted to. So, I signed up for that. April 9th. Now I have to start studying. I was looking at the practice tests on their site, and I have forgotten so much math. Fortunately, the science section seems way more about reading comprehension and detail than science. That I can work with, though I need to remind myself of their ideas of reading comprehension. Sometimes my logic doesn’t go their way.

4. I have to file a FAFSA. To do this, I have to file my taxes. This part blows, since I’m waiting on I think 6 w2’s. I would like if they sent them to me so I can throw all this at my accountant. And then accrue more debt. Yaaaaay.


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