It chewed me up and spat me out

So I finally went to the bikram class. Like I said I as going to two weeks ago. Better late than never? Anyway. It was good. It kicked my ass pretty well, but it actually wasn’t that hard. By which mean, I think bikram is essentially sort of easy since it’s 26 poses always in the same order and you always know exactly what to expect. Also a lot of the poses you’re working towards and it’s fully expected that you won’t get them for a long time, so that takes the pressure off. The heat did get to me. I was fine in poses but when we came out of them I started feeling nauseous, and had to skip out on one pose to just sit and not pass out. The beginning is more endurance based, and holding things for a long time, the end is stretching based, once you’re seriously warmed up and can reach further.

It was a good class, and with a good teacher. From reviews and vague memories of the one class I took 5 years ago, it seems like a lot of bikram classes are run like aerobics classes, where the teacher has a microphone and yells at you the whole time. I find that really weird for yoga, since my understanding is that the end result is pure meditation. It’s using your body as a way to connect your breath and your mind, and your body and be able to achieve real meditation. Which is what this class was. She talked the whole time, but a lot of it was reinforcing that you are breathing, and reaching in to these stretches and focusing just on the movement, just on your body and your form and your breathing, and that the focus was what mattered and not to be distracted.

I was able to do most things, at least partially, but there were two weird things. One was that so much of it is locking your knees, and all of my training from everything else has told me never to do that. So that’s odd. And then there was one pose with your arms under you that I was in a lot of pain with. I need to ask about that one, and what I can do about that.

You’re supposed to go to a lot of classes at the beginning, and definitely do a second within a day of your first, so I guess I’m going back tomorrow. I’m sort of excited about it, but I need to figure some stuff out. Like carrying my soaking wet gross clothes home. It was a lot of sweat. It’s weird to look at your shin and see the sweat beading out of your pores. And I need to find a towel to use. Really, I should do laundry tonight, and that would solve the towel thing, but between the class and the 3 mile walk home from it, I’m pretty beat. I think I’ll just worry about the towel tomorrow.


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