So winter has been putting up (as in, put up or shut up) pretty well lately. There was a blizzard right before I came back from California (did I tell you about how we almost got stuck there, and the captain had turned off the engines but then he talked to the tower and then told us, ‘okay, we’re going! Put your stuff away again!’ and then once we were in the air told us that air traffic told him that if we left in the next 10 minutes we could go, otherwise we were going to sit on the runway for 3 hours. But he saved us from that. That dude is awesome. Also, there was a baby on my flight, but it was totally happy and smiley and didn’t cry once the whole time. I tend to get really lucky with flying.) Where was I? Snow. yes. So, blizzard, and then It gave us another like 4 inches, and then a few days ago another 1 or two and last night a bit more and next week it’s supposed to blizzard again. While I’m not a huge fan of cold, I really like snow. And I like how it lays on the trees, just like in the pictures I saw as a kid. And it’s really cool when stuff you saw as a kid comes to life later on.


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