I had work the past couple days! I realized that aside from one day (which was at a place I don’t like working, and boring), I haven’t worked in a month. Ouch. But, yesterday and today I got to actually do stuff, though both were easy days. It was nice to get up and do stuff. Which, I realize, I am perfectly free to do without work being involved, but for me it’s really hard to. At first I get all excited about not having to do anything and I luxuriate in that. I might plan to do some stuff, but hey, I have time, and right then, I don’t want to do anything. And then after several days of that I start to get a little worried about work. I start looking more, maybe calling some people, putting feelers out. And then if none comes, I get depressed. And it happens gradually so that I usually don’t notice until it’s really bad, or I get work and realize how much happier I am. But when I’m depressed and in that rut, I have a really hard time doing anything. I look for work and feel defeated. I feel like I can’t go anywhere or do anything that might involve spending money. I don’t really want to do anything because that takes effort and I’m tired and down all the time.

But! Now some work came along, and it was easy work with people I like, and I got to feel useful. And tonight I was striking a small gig that I set up earlier today, and there was a baby cupcake left over from the gig. Perfect, two bite sized, well made cupcake. So yeah, it was a good day.

Also, one of the things we do in Namibia (35 days, 10 hours) (I can’t put a countdown clock on here, I figured out. Oh well) is go hang out with kids for a day. We take them on a game drive, and then do community whatsit stuff. And the organization sent out a thing saying hey, it would be great if you could bring school supplies for the kids. So I culled my collection of art supplies and leftover school junk, and then put a thing on facebook and invited 65 people to donate their random old school stuff. I’m hoping for some outdated math workbooks or something. But! One of my friends is a teacher and asked if I wanted them to hold a drive at her school to collect stuff. Holy crap! I can’t carry as much as that would garner, and I asked biosphere what they thought of shipping and they said to come and talk to the school first and see how to arrange it. So that’s exciting. And my friend Jesse had some stuff, including fortunately a ton of paper, so I went and got that from him today, and we hung out for a while which was good. I usually just see him at camp, even though we live in the same city, and he’s someone I really like talking with. And he gave me a bunch of pens. Win.

No work tomorrow, but a bit the day after, and maybe from here out it will pick up even more. Wouldn’t that be nice.


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